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Yamadera, most famous and celebrated temple in Tohoku area

Yamadera (山寺) is a scenic temple located near Yamagata City and most famous and celebrated temple in Tohoku.
Founded in 860 and has attracted worshipers since then as a temple for ending bad relationship. The temples official name is Risshakuji, but Yamadera is popular name and literally means "mountain temple" in Japanese.


From the the base of the mountain, the 1,015 stone steps is lined to Main hall and Gokaido hall in the top area.
Main hall is said to be the oldest building constructed of beech wood in Japan.
Gokaido hall stands on a precipice land as a terrace offering a panoramic view of the mountain village.




Top is the picture took in winter season, while below picture took in summer season and you can see the seasonal difference.




(Access) From Yamadera train station, visitor can reach a five minute walk to the base of the mountain.


(Last visited) 2018 January