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Jodogahama, a beautiful coast create colorful contrast



Jodogahama (浄土ケ浜) is located in Sanriku Fukko national park in Iwate prefecture.

It literally mean "Pure land beach" and its name came from a Buddhist priest who live there during Edo period


Amazing contrast is appeared with "white" color of giant rocks standing in the calm inlet, where features deep "blue" ocean of Sanriku Coast and "green" pine tree.

This contrast changes with the season. Particularly popular in summer.

It attracts visitors with its clear inlet that sheltered from the ocean wave.

Ranked one of the 100 best beaches and swimming spots in Japan.




This beautiful landscape invokes images of the "Pure Land",  a Buddhist concept of paradise.


(Access) It takes about 15 min. from JR Miyako Station by taxi.


(Last visit)July 2017