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Bandai Ski resort - Nekoma resort




For Bandai area in Fukushima, in addition to Alts Bandai ski resord on yesterday' article, Let us explain Nekoma Ski resort.

Ski resort operators, Hoshino resort is same with Alts Bandai ski resort.




2. Nekoma resort


A mid-sized resort offering some nice courses and enjoyable powder amongst the trees.





The resorts offer 10 courses and single longest course is 2100m with steepest slope of 33 degrees.

Official statistics say 30% beginners, 30% intermediates, and 40% advanced courses.




We will update the image movie at one of the intermidiate course in Alts Bandai soon.

<To be update>


Also, let's check the latest snow condition



It takes 2 hours from JR Koriyama Station by bus.


(Last visit) February 2017