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Nyuto Onsen, known for its mysterious atmosphere


Nyuto Onsen village (乳頭温泉郷) is a onsen ryokan in the mountains of eastern Akita in Tohoku.


Nyuto Onsen literally means "nipple hot spring" and name after the shape of Mount Nyuto rather than the milky appearance of the hot spring. Most of the ryokan provide mixed gender outdoor baths.



It is blessed with hot spring waters flow out from underneath the beech forest over the valley. There are seven hot spring inns, some of which are traditional and rustic.


Even today, inns that used to be visited by feudal lords seek hot-spring cures 350 years ago, resembles those days that people slipped back in time.





Tsurunoyu is the example, known for oldest and most famous inn with a history of about 380 years. 

This secluded hot spring resort offer a wonderful relaxation experience in hidden hot springs. There are 4 different wells in the premises with different health benefits.


(Access) It takes 50 min. from Tazawako Station to Nyuto Onsen by bus.

                The bus stops near most ryokan except for some of the inns. 


(Last visit) August/2017