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Takayu Onsen, sulfuric hot spring town with milky blue color



Takayu Onsen (高湯温泉), is a small hot spring town in the middle of Mount Azuma in Fukushima in Tohoku.


It was developed about 400 years ago, and there are dozen ryokans and hotels located near the entrance to the Bandai Azuma Skyline.

The town is rich in hot spring water comes from ten different source.  


Acidic water is rich in hydrogen sulfide, that makes color milky blue and a  sulfuric smell.

To maintain the high quality hot spring, 100% ryokan bring the water by piping hot spring with no additives rich in sulfur directly and unadulterated into the baths.



The most famous bath is Tamagoyu, it has wooden bath house with thatched roof and each one pool. 

Also a public bath house, the Attaka no Yu at the center of the small town.


(Access) It take about 30min. By bus from Fukushima Station.

                 However, the bus frequency is 3-5 buses per day.


(Last visit) November/2017