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Wakasagi fishing on frozen lake in Fukushima, beginners can catch with fun in winter



Wakasagi, Japanese pond smelt fishing is one of the traditional Japanese winter acitivity. It is held on frozen lakes in some areas in Japan.

This time we introduce, Lake Hibara in Fukushima where the fishing is available from the mid-Jan. to the mi-March, visitor can enjoy ice fishing on the lake.





Popular way is to make a hole into frozen lake and down a fishing pole in the water. The another option is stay inside the boat house that offer comfortable condition for fishing.

As wakasagi fish behaves in herds, so visitor have chance to catch one fish and one after another. 




How many fish visitor can catch is depend on the time and situation.

For my case, it is caught several fish per hour on average. 





After fishing, deep fried in butter, named tempura are the popular cooking ways to enjoy the fish caught.


(Access) It takes 40 min.bus ride from JR West Ban'etsu Line Inawashiro station. And then takes 10-minute walk from the bus station.


(Last visit) Jan/2018