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Urabandai, hiking course offering nice view of multi-color lakes, forest and mountain



<Blue colored lake view> 


As we previously posted about the Bandai (磐梯) below.

It is an attractive outdoor destination offering hiking chance from spring to autumn and skiing near there in winter.




This time we explain more about hiking area the Urabandai (裏磐梯) and show the summer season photo.



<Blue colored lake view>  


There are well maintained scenic highways as well as pedestrian walkways for visitor to enjoy the nature throughout the seasons.



<Blue colored lake with vivid cloud>  


In this area volcanic material dissolve in the water. And sunlight change the color of the water from deep green to white-blue and red-blue.



 <Green colored lake> 


One of the most fascinating hiking course is the Goshiki-numa (five-colored ponds).

Visitor can walk this unique area with many different lakes and ponds, and major pont is Bishamon-numa, Aka-numa, Benten-numa, Ao-numa, Ruri-numa, and Yanagi-numa.

It takes about an hour to walk one way.


(Access) Firstly take a train of JR Ban'etsu-saisen Line from Koriyama to Inawashiro Station for 40min. Then take Aizu bus to Onogawa-ko Iriguchi for 30 min.


(Last visit) September/2017