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Hanamiyama, magnificent flower-filled mountain park



<Entrance flower garden>


Hanamiyama (花見山) is a park on the slopes surrounding farmland in Fukushma.



<Walking course in the park>


The park was started by local farmers planted ornamental flower trees on the slopes land andopened to the public in 1959.




Every year, thousands of visitors come to the park to enjoy its cherry blossom. The peak flowering season in spring is mid-April to late-April.

At that time, visitor can enjoy not only cherry blossom, but also plum, forsythia blossoms and other flowers.




In full bloom timing, those flowers paint the mountain in a shade of pink. From the top view point, it provides nice panoramic view of the Azuma Mountains and surrounding valley.



 <Panoramic view of Azuma Mountains and the valley>


(Access) It takes 15 min. from JR Fukushima Station at East Exit Bus Stop No. 6 by seasonal bus on April 1 ~ 22th / 2018.

For regular bus, the bus leave from JR Fukushima Station at East Exit Bus Stop No. 8.


(Last visit) April/2018