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Ruins of Japan/China line train with 1000 cherry trees, Most popular cherry blossom spot



<Look over walking & cycling paths>


Nicchu Line is the name of the train line that used to run around Kitakata city in Fukushima. It is 3km distance from existing JR Kitakata station.

The train tracks have been shutdown in 1984 and changed to 3km walking & cycling paths with ruins of the line.

Visitor can still see the steamed train called "SL" used to run the line.


<Ruins of Japan/China line train>



<Different angle for ruins of Japan/China line train>


Over 1000  cherry trees stand along withNicchu Line, the branches of Cherry tree stretch down as close to visitors' eye level. And it is biggest in Japan grade hang down.

Last week and this week is the best season to enjoy full bloomed cherry blossom,



<Look over walking & cycling paths>



<Zoom in the branches of Cherry tree stretch down>


(Access) It takes 30 min. walk from JR Kitakata Station to ruins of Japan/China line train place.


(Last visit) April/2018