Japan Tohoku guide - travel related information

Introduce many attractive places and culture in Tohoku Japan

(Preamble) Introduce attractive places in Greek islands & mainland


<Mykonos islands photo>


We visited attractive places in Greeke islands & mainland during Japan' national holiday in the beginnig of May.


In addition to the attractive places in Japan Tohoku, we as a interpreter-guide would like to share the experience and beautiful town & scenery photo this week and next week.


We mainly visited 4 places below and each of these places are such an amazing places.

So from the next update, we will share the experience using photos and sometimes movies.


1. Mykonos islands

 Islands of wind. Windmills landscape, beautiful beach and local cuisine are enjoyable


2. Santorini islands

    Volcanic caldera place. Three major towns in island has maze like street with great view.


3. Meteora

    Unique rock formation & complex world heritage site. The location of the monestries are on natural pillar and cliffs.


4. Athens and Acropolis

    Famous Pntheon, a former temple is located on Acropolis. It is under restoration, was completed in 432BC.