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Mykonos, islands of wind with windmill and whitewashed paradise (1)


<Sunset spot, Little Venice>


Mykonos's nickname is the island of the winds.

Mykonos is also gay-friendly island, featuring a vibrant nightlife.


And in the islands, Mykonos Town is a picturesque town with a maze of whitewashed streets, churches, along its harbour in a wide bay.



<Maze of whitewashed streets> 



<Taverna, small Greek restaurant> 



<Greek cuisine provided at Taverna>


VIsitor can enjoy strolling around narrow streets and recognize whitewashed houses with colourful doors.


Attractions in Mykonos Town are the Windmills, Little Venice.

The windmills are the most recognized landmarks of Mykonos, where the island was once a great producer of wheat and bread.



<Sunset spot, Little Venice>

The highlight view for the windmill is on Little Venice, where the popular place to enjoy the sunset.



<Panoramic view on Little Venice>



<Little Venice area>


(Last visit) May/2018