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Introduce many attractive places and culture in Tohoku Japan

Santorini island, dramatic views and beautiful sunsets on volcanic caldera (2)


<Fira town street with cat>


There are several villages on Santorini Island and Fira, Oia are the 2 major towns. Today we picked up Fira` attractiveness.

Fira is the capital of the island, where the whitestone streets bustle with shops, tavernas and cafes




From the port, visitor can take a cable car up or ride on donkeys at zigzagging steps. In case of riding on donkeys, visitor should be careful that there are winding, narrow with low walls.



<Donkeys Carrying Bags of Cement>


The landscape of blue sky, the small white houses perched on big rocks on hills and white churches that look like the warmth and representation of the Greek people. This is absolutely greate photographed scenery.






<Souvenir shop>



<Bells of the Blue domed Church in Firostefani>



 <Map around Virgin Mary Catholic Church>


(Last visit) May/2018