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Meteora, experiencing sanctuaries lasting several generation at monasteries (1)


<Great Meteoron in Meteora>


Meteora is located near the town of Kalampaka and consists of rock pinnacles topped with 24 monasteries in total.

And 6 of monasteries are open to public, we visited three monasteries this time, Great Meteoron, Holy Trinity (Agia Triada) and St. Stephen.



<Kalampaka town near Meteora> 


The first hermit arrived this area to seek spiritual isolation and inhabited rocky caves

At that time, accessible way was with sole aid of rope and ladder.



<Rocky caves and monasteries> 


Hermits' drive of faith guiding them towards the unbeatable monasteries with highest architectural and artistic value.

Then Meteora natural rocks became a shelter of human civilization.


(Last visit) May/2018


(Access) From Athens visitor can take either a train or a bus to Meteora. The trains leave from Larissa station in Athens, while the buses leave from Terminal B, at Liossion Street.

Both transportation takes about 4.5 to 5 hours one way.