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(Update) Hiraizumi, temples, gardens and archeological sites <Chuson-ji temple>


<The approach to the main hall>



Hiraizumi (平泉) has two major popular attraction. One is Chuson-ji temple, the other is Motsu-ji temple. This time pick up Chuson-ji temple scenery.




<Bell tower located along the approach to the main hall>


We visited Hiraizumi this month again and update the different scenery from last time article as below.



Chuson-ji temple is the head temple of the Tendai sect of Buddhism in Tohoku. It was build to represent the Buddhist Pure Land, to console the souls of all whether friend or enemy died in two major histrical conflict during 11th century,



 <The approach to the main hall>


Although many of the halls were destroyed by fire in 14th century, the precinct is a tresure trove of Heian period buddhist art with over 3,000 National Tresures and Important Cultueal Assets.



<Main temple>


Kojikido completed in 1124 and the principal image is the Buddha of Infinite Light with the Boddhistva of Compassion on the right and the Boddhistva of Wisdom on the left. 

All most all the hall is decorated with gold leaf representing the Pure Land.



<Noh stage located in the shrine just beside Chuson-ji temple>


The inner sanctuary is lavishly decorated with inlaid lustrous shell, gold sprinkled lacquer and elaborate carving. Also the remain of first to Third Fujiwara lord  rest beneath the altar. 



<Cedar forest and the approach>


(Access) For Chuson-ji temple, It takes 7 min. walk from JR Hiraizumi station.


(Last visit)May 2018