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Mount Adatara, one of Japan's 100 famous mountains offer bustling autumn leaf scenery (1)


 <Mount Adatara summit 1>


Mount Adatara (安達太良山) is a stratovolcano in Fukushima and also one of Japan's 100 famous mountains.

The mountain is multiple volcanoes forming a broad, forested mountain range.

The active peak crater is surrounded by hot springs and fumaroles.



<great view of the volcanic crater>



<brilliant babbling of mountain stream>



 <Summit of the Mount Adatara>


There offer to enjoy bustling autumn leaf season, the flowers in spring & summer with easily accessible for one-day hike.

It is 90-mins hike to the summit of Adatara from summit station of the ropeway.



<early winter scenery 1>



<Mount Adatara summit 2>


Visitor find boardwalks along the route, with a steeper climb as approaching the summit.

There can be enjoyed 360-degree panoramic view from the summit.

Then walk to a great view of the volcanic crater, and descend through a forestpath accompanied by the brilliant babbling of mountain stream.



<early winter scenery 2> 



<Mountain hut named Kuroganegoya>



<dangerous notice of hot springs base>



(Access) Firstly visitor take 20-min bus rideto Dake Onsen bus stop from JR Tohoku Nihonmatsu staion. Then take a shuttle bus or taxi to the Okudake bus stope.

                Shuttle is available during limited seasonal periods.


(Last visit) November/2016