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Oze National Park, home to many beautiful flowers incl. Skunk cabbage (2)


<Wood deck with Skunk cabbage> 


Continued to previous article of Oze National Park, we introduce this area.




Oze National Park consists of three parts, Oze area, Ozegahara Marsh, and Lake Ozenuma & famous mountain such as Mt Shibutsu, Mt Hiuchigatake and Mt Aizu Komagatake.



<Lookout Ozenuma Pond>


Most famous features are the Ozegahara Marshland and the Ozenuma Pond.

And we visited Ozenuma Pond this time.




<Ozenuma Pond and Mt Hiuchigatake> 


Ozenuma Pond can be reached from the eastern end of the Ozegahara Marshland for 1.5 hours walk along a trail through the woods.

The trail is 6 kilometer that leads around the pond and sometimes runs along the water & through the forest.



<Ozenuma sanso lodge with Mt Hiuchigatake>


Oze's famous flowers such as Skunk cabbage can also be found near Ozenuma in small marshlands near the pond.



<Pond side view of Mt Hiuchigatake> 


 (Last visit) May/2018