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Zuihoden, superb example of elegant, gorgeous decorated architecture of the early Edo period


<Main entrance of Zuihoden with Momoyama culture style>


Zuihoden (瑞鳳殿) is the mausoleum of Date Masamune, powerful feudal lords in Edo Period. Masamune was known throughout Japan as "One-eyed Dragon" during Edo.

When Masamune was 70 years old, he commanded this be build one of his dying requests and the following year Zuihoden was built.


This place is also recommended by the green guide Michelin as ★★ rank.






Zuihoden was designed in the ornate style of the Momoyama Period.

Momoyama culture features intricate woodwork and luxurious, georgeous colors.




<Zoom-in of Main entrance architecture>


His son and grandson, Date Tadamune and Date Tsunamune, are entombed in smaller mausoleums designed nearby Masamune' mausoleum.



<Kansenden mausoleum, second fuedal loard>


(Access) It takes 15-min. from JR Sendai Station by the Loople Sendai bus.

                Visitor should be got off at bus stop #4. A day pass for the bus costs 620 JPY.


(Last visit)June 2018