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Osaki Hachimangu, magestic shrine pavilion with brilliantly colored carvings



 <Osaki Hachimangu>


Osaki Hachimangu (大崎八幡宮) is built in 1607 by Lord Date Masamune.

It is magestic shrine pavilion with brilliantly colored carvings on a base of deep black lacquer. 

Also it is oldest shrine constructed in Gongen-zukuri architecture style designated as a national treasure.


This place is also recommended by the green guide Michelin as ★★ rank.



The shrine's deity, Hachiman is the Shinto god protect against evils & dangers, also a god of good fortune & prevention of calamities, victory & safe childbirth.



<Main staircase to Osaki Hachimangu>


The main building is consists of a main hall and offering hall joined under a common roof. It is covered in deep black lacquer, gold leaf and brilliant colors.  



<Brilliantly colored carvings in main hall> 



<Main hall and offering hall jointly connected >


(Access) Most accessible from JR Sendai Station is a regular city bus taking about 20 minutes and for 230JPY one way. Sendai Loople loop bus also go there at bus stop #12.


(Last visit)June 2018