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Issaikyo peak, breathtaking views of Azuma-Kofuji and brilliant turquoise-color pond (2)


<Kamanuma Pond 1>



Last article, we introduced the Issaikyo peak (一切経山) acend route attraction.



This time we introduce decend route attraction such as Kamanuma Pond.

Not only ascend highlight to the Issaikyo peak, but also decend side trail is highly recommended to the climber. The picturesque Kamanuma Pond is another attractive destination.



<Dog decend from the Issaikyo Peak>



<Kamanuma Pond 2>


The trail to this pond go through grassland & marshland, and then circles around the the pond. This circular side trail trip takes approximately 90-min. hike.



<Wood trail with Flower of Eriophorum vaginatum>



 <Eriophorum vaginatum flower area>


(Last visit) June/2017