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Takkoku no Iwaya, a temple on the rock face of a cliff (1)


 <The approach to the main hall>


Takkoku no Iwaya (達谷窟) is a temple constructed on the rock face of a cliff in Hiraizumi area.

And it was established as a religious precinct by Sakanoue no Tamuramaro in the 9th century.



 <Bishamondo hall entrance>


The warload Akuro Takamaro had his headquarters in a fortress at Takkoku in 1200 years ago, and The emperor Kammu dispatched Sakanoue no Tamuramaro to bring the area under the imperial control. Akuro was defeated in 801 and peace restored.

Bishamondo was build by Kyoto Kiyomizu temple style that Sakanoue no Tamuramaro thanks to the god of war Bishamon.



<Bishamondo hall>


Also, we visited Hiraizumi area last month and introduce Chuson-ji temple and Motsu-ji temple below articles. 




(Access) Takkoku no Iwaya is located 6km outside of Hiraizumi.

                 There is a bus connects JR Hiraizumi Station & the temple roughly once per hour.


(Last visit)May 2018