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Takkoku no Iwaya, a temple on the rock face of a cliff (2)





Continued to previous article, we introdue Takkoku no Iwaya (達谷窟) attractiveness. 

Together with Bishamodo hall, Ganmen Daibutsu is another attraction.



Ganmen Daibutsu with 16.5m high Buddha is one of the five large Buddhas in Japan.

It is called Amida Butsu and commemorate the death of soldiers in two local wars in the 11th century.


Originally a full figure represent the seated Buddha in heaven, the lower part was destroyed by an earthquack in 1896.



 <Ganmen Daibutsu>


(Access) Takkoku no Iwaya is located 6km outside of Hiraizumi.

                 There is a bus connects JR Hiraizumi Station & the temple roughly once per hour.


(Last visit)May 2018