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Ginzan Onsen, envoking nostalgic atmosphere of old days Japan


<Famous photo spot looking over town center>


Ginzan Onsen (銀山温泉) is a secluded hot spring town located in the mountains of Yamagata.


This area originally developed for silver mining town in old days about 500 years ago.

And now it is better known as one of the prettiest hot spring town with ryokans in rows on both sides of the river.

Most of the buildings have three and four-story wooden strucutuer with woodwork and white plaster wall.



 <Different angle looking over town center>


Visitor can enjoy once nice public baths and a foot bath with free of charge can be found at the town center. The public bath, the Shiroganeyu, was designed by famous architect Kuma Kengo.



 <Triangle shape public bath building>


<Unique shaped public bath> 


(Access) It takes 40 min. from JR Oishida Station to Ginzn Onsen by bus.

                 The bus deparf from the station every 60-90 minutes.


(Last visit) March/2018