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(Update) Hiraizumi, temples, gardens and archeological sites <Motsu-ji temple>




Hiraizumi (平泉) has two major popular attraction. One is Chuson-ji temple, the other is Motsu-ji temple. This time we pick up Motsu-ji temple.

Below is the last time article of Chuson-ji temple.



Motsu-ji temple was founded by Ennin in 850. At that time the second lord of Hiraizumi, Fujiwara no Motohira established 40 temple, 500 monastery. Although all the temple had lost due to fires, these remains have designated a special historical site today.



<Oizumigaike(Pond) from different angle>


The temple is surrounded by landscape features wavy patterns sandbanks, standing stone represent rocky wind-swept costline has elegance along with majestic green trees.

Also anchoring stones decorate the foot of the ex-bridge and Oizumigaike(Pond) offer spectacle beauty lasting the scenery over 800 years.



<Unique shape pine tree and the pond> 


(Access) For Motsu-ji temple, It takes 7 min. walk from JR Hiraizumi Station.


(Last visit)May 2018