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Soma Nomaoi, 1000-year-old traditional horse festival - armor horse racing


<Kacchu Keiba, armor horse racing 1>


The festive event called Soma Nomaoi(野馬追) has been held over 1000 year-old history in Soma District of Fukushima.

It originate in 10th Century when samurai warriors of this region secretly conducted the military exercises related with horse.


This festival has been designated as important intangible folk cultural asset of Japan and below link indicate this year information.



The highlights of the three-day festival are the Kacchu Keiba and Shinki Sodatsusen both hold in second day.

Kacchu Keiba is the event twelve samurai horsemen wearing armor and helmets and carrying swords race over a distance of 1000 meters.

Shinki Sodatsusen is the event several hundred samurai horsemen competing for 40 shrine flags called Shinki, shot in the air with firework.



<Soma Nomaoi festival field>


Today, we introduce the scenery of Kacchu Keiba with photos.

Kacchu Keiba, armor horse racing is dynamic that Samurai wearing heavy armors and carry big flags are running at full speed.



 <Kacchu Keiba, armor horse racing 2>



<Winning samurai warriors with horse run upstairs to commander‐in‐chief> 



<Kacchu Keiba, armor horse racing 3>


(Access) It takes special shuttle bus from JR Haranomachi Station during festival in July/E.

JR Haranomachi Station is approx. 60-min from JR Sendai Station on Limited Express.


(Last visit)July 2017