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Soma Nomaoi, 1000-year-old traditional horse festival - Shinki Sodatsusen



<Samurai horsemen running up to command-in-chief place>


Continued to previous Soma Nomaoi(野馬追) festival article introduced armor horse racing, we introduce Shinki Sodatsusen, samurai horsemen competing for shrine flags.


Below is the official website and this year is commerce on July 28th- 30st.



Shinki Sodatsusen, god flag competitions are held after the racing.

Firstly, fireworks with 2 god flags inside are set off & fly down, then more than several hundred samurai horsemen move toward drop point.

Two of the samurai horsemen capturing the flag display to crowds and running up the command-in-chief place. It is best honor for them.



<Samurai horsemen heading down to festival field>


Below is the movie captured the scene of Shinki Sodatsusen.


(Access) It takes special shuttle bus from JR Haranomachi Station during festival in July/E.

JR Haranomachi Station is approx. 60-min from JR Sendai Station on Limited Express.


(Last visit)July 2017