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Ouchijuku, former post town with thatched roof house once flourished in the Edo Period



Ouchijuku (大内宿) is a former post town along the Aizu-Nishi trade route, which connected Aizu with Nikko lasting 130km during the Edo Period.

At that time, shogunate government required travelers to make their long journeys on foot, and then post towns developed along the routes to provide travelers with food, accommodations.



Today, Ouchijuku has been restored to look as it was in the Edo Period while modern infrastructure such as telephone and electricity wires buried.

The unpaved main street is lined with thick thatched roof buildings, and visitors can enjoy amazing view from the hill top. 

These house offer a variety of shops, restaurants and small traditional inns called minshuku.





(Access)Aizu Railroad Yunokami Onsen station is nearest station and  can be reached to Ouchijuku in a 15 minute taxi ride.


(Last visit)October 2017