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Dewa Sanzan, three sacred mountains having longest history of mountain worship





Dewa Sanzan  (出羽三山)  are three sacred mountains in Yamagata in Tohoku. The mountains are named Haguro-san, Gas-san and Yudono-san.


Each mountain has a shrine on or near its peak and remain culture of mountain worship. Haguro-san represent birth, Gas-san represent death and Yudono-san represent rebirth.











Dewa Sanzan have been great spiritual significance to Shinto and Bhuddist ascetics  practised by devotees called Yamabushi over 1,400 years.


(Access) JR Tsuruoka Station is the transportation hub of the Dewa Sanzan.

                 For Haguro-san, It takes to 40 min. to the base by bus and extra 60 min. to the summit by walk.

                 For Gas-san, It takes 120 min. by bus.

                 For Yudono-san, except on weekends, it is not accessible by public transportation.

(Last visit) September 2017