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Issaikyo peak, breathtaking views of Azuma-Kofuji and brilliant turquoise-color pond (1)


<Goshikinuma on cloudy day>


Issaikyo peak (一切経山) elevated 1949 meters in Fukushima can be reached 80-min. hike from the Jododaira (浄土平) Marshland, where the parking place is located and several hiking trails starting point.



<Entrance to the mountain area> 



<Unmelted snow trail> 



<marshland before filling up water>



<Look over picturesque Kamanuma Pond>



<Mount trail and unmelted snow>


Once the climber ascended to the peak, they can enjoy breathtaking views of Azuma-Kofuji and large pond with a brilliant turquoise color named Goshikinuma.



<Lookout turquoise-color pond from the top on cloudy day>


(Access) The buses operate only on weekends from May through September,  and everyday from early October to early November of peak autumn season.


The bus-ride takes 100 minute from JR Fukushima station to Jododaira.

There are two buses per day from JR Fukushima Station that run along the Bandai Azuma Skyline and stop 75-min. at Jododaira before return to JR Fukushima Station.


(Last visit) June/2017